Michael Jackson Tour Could Be Cancelled


The King of Pop’s tour could be cancelled before it even begins apparently.

Michael Jackson’s 50 gig tour date at London’s O2 could be potentially stopped due to other contractual obligations. Reports say that Jackson has signed a contract with AllGood Entertainment that prevents him from performing live until 2010. 

AllGood Entertainment claims that he signed the contract to perform in a reunion concert with The Jackson 5 – along with his sister Janet Jackson – for July 2010. They have now sent MicJac a cease and desist which could stop him from performing on UK Shores due to the claims that he would not perform until 2010 with the whole Jackson clan.  According to TMZ, Jackson had no knowledge of signing the contract for a family tour reunion, but TMZ did reveal it was signed by MJ’s manger on his behalf.

 Earlier this year Jacko announced his 50 gig tour at London’s O2 as a final farwell to the music and entertainment biz.

SMH, there’s always some controversy with this guy but he’s still the greatest musician ever.

scouted @ RWD


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