Public Service Announcement…


Nice isn’t it? Yes, it’s made of several photos from my picture album – fuck T.I.’s Paper Trail cover lol but I digress.

This post is a sort of Public Service Announcement to just inform all my viewers that over the weekend there will be a severe lack of posts due to a very special lady in my life getting married.  This is not an everyday occurance (for most people anyway) and therefore my full efforts and concentration will be on the wedding.  Look on the bright side; this just means that Monday is going to be full of posts so make sure you check back then.

For today, I have three posts planned for you guys at 2PM, 4PM and 6PM – one of which is a UK Premiere.  I also strongly recommend you listen/download the new Charles Hamilton posted earlier, I got this song on constant repeat.

Until then, hold it (no homo).

Bonus: Andrea Mosaic This is the software that was used to create the picture, so download it and create some fly pics for your Facebook/MySpace/Bebo/Twitter accounts.


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