Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life (Tracklist)


CH revealed that This Perfect Life will be an 11 chapter “AudiBook“.

01. Barbara Walters
02. Three Pound Bullet
03. Ghosts
04. Post-Lynching Ceremony
05. All Alone
06. Cable in the Classroom
07. Baby
08. Reminder
09. Tears of Fire (Feat. Crooked I)
10. Long Socks (Feat. Show TuFli)
11. Rosado (Feat. Aja Monet)

Just waiting on the cover now, £5 says it has Sonic on it in some form.

Sidenote: CH is also working on a mixtape entitled Stan-Ish Behavior: The Rihlapse (see what he did there?) where he’ll be going in over Eminem/D12 beats.


3 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – This Perfect Life (Tracklist)”

  1. Lelan Says:

    That rosado track and tears of fire is good

  2. B.Dot Says:

    The Rosado track is nice. Not many mandem know about Chalres in the UK.

    Nice blog by the way blud.

  3. SDP aka the Somali Pirate Says:

    that nigga charles is goin INNNNN on that barbara walters

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