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Video: Black Magik TV – Where’s Rhymestein?

June 3, 2009

Outlaw Vol. 1 is out 7/8 and will be available here as a free download.

Video: Lethal B Interview On Westwood

June 2, 2009

This was at the same time of that freestyle I posted earlier.  I’m kinda busy so just skipped through this, but they talk about Avirex a lot.

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Video: Ras Kwame & Bashy Boxing

June 2, 2009

Ha, this was after the show when I texted in asking Bashy about his song Copy Cat which seemed to confuse him and Ras Kwame for two reasons; 1. Ras Kwame hadn’t heard the song yet and 2. Bashy seemed surprised I would even know about the song.  I lulz’d.  

There was was also some confusion over the pronunciation of “Danielleson” “Danielson” that was cleared up on Twitter, speaking of which, don’t forget to follow Bashy, Ras Kwame and myself.

It all starts around the 1 hour 26 minute mark, and you can listen here.

Video: A Weekend With Tinie Tempah

June 2, 2009


Video: Eminem @ The 2009 MTV Movie Awards

June 1, 2009

Marshall performs We Made You and Crack A Bottle live and you can check out Em getting tea-bagged by Sacha Baron Cohen (pause) after the jump. 

props to MrWorldPremiereX

Sidenote: The Movie Awards will be on MTV One tonight @ 21.00



Video: Jazzie Bigs Up Black Magik TV

May 30, 2009

After the jump, watch Dexplicit update his fans.


Video: Behind The Scenes @ The Jazzie Show

May 29, 2009

They always throw that nigga in the boot lol.

Video: Samson Speaks On YouTube Partnership

May 29, 2009

Black Magik TV becomes official and now it means that the jokes may come to a stop for a little while until he creates this other account.  Outlaw Vol. 1 is available on 7/6 (yo Black, I need that mixtape early ya digg!).

Sidenote: LOL @ Black still calling Faye Louise “Faye Lewis”.

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Video: T-Boy Disses Man Utd

May 28, 2009

Mr. DJM goes in hard at all the grieving Man Utd fans after their 2-0 loss to Barcelona in the Champions League Final. 

Check out Part Letter Thank You below to see Tolulope dedicate his success to the fans and their support.

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Amynem – Rehab Vs. Relapse (Cookin Soul Mashup)

May 26, 2009

This mashup is jokes and really well done by Cookin Soul. The video is a mix of Amy’s Rehab and Em’s Cleaning Out My Closet and you can download it below too.

Download here: Amynem – Rehab Vs. Relapse (Cookin Soul Mashup)