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Video: Kelly Rowland & David Guetta Interview With ITN

June 18, 2009

Apparently Ne-Yo wrote this song in 8 minutes so no wonder that dude has such a huge catalogue of unreleased songs leaking everyday.

Exclusive: Soul & Lynxy – Out Of Luck

June 4, 2009


These two are from the Milton Keynes music scene and this is off their upcoming collaboration EP,  Live Your Life (Worry No More).

Soul & Lynxy – Out Of Luck

Bonus: Soul & Lynxy – Worry No More

Wiley – Headbanger

June 4, 2009

race against time cover

Not on the original tracklisting for Race Against Time but it’s on there.  Still no explanation as to why it was pushed back a week, seems like I was the only one to know.

Wiley – Headbanger

Bonus: Wiley – Happy [Radio Rip]

Wretch 32 – Born Winner

June 4, 2009


Off Wretchroboy’s upcoming album, Black & White.

Wretch 32 – Born Winner [Radio Rip]

Exclusive: Victory – Rule By Decree

June 4, 2009


A cut, written in just five minutes when he was 15, that didn’t make Black to Front.

Victory – Rule By Decree

shouts to Vic for sending this through 

Sidenote: Don’t forget you can purchase Black To Front now from or your nearest HMV.

Video: Bashy Interview With HHC

June 4, 2009

Done just after Bashy’s album release party.

Video: Lady Sovereign on Grime

June 4, 2009

Video: Black Magik TV – Where’s Rhymestein?

June 3, 2009

Outlaw Vol. 1 is out 7/8 and will be available here as a free download.

The Streets – In The Middle

June 3, 2009


A possible track off Computers And Blues.

The Streets – In The Middle

Donaeo – Watching Her Move

June 3, 2009


Party Hard is in-stores 8/6.

Donaeo – Watching Her Move